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A Roaring Success: Celebrating Our "Animal" EP Launch

Updated: Mar 20

Last night was a monumental occasion for us as we celebrated the release of our new EP, "Animal," at our eagerly anticipated launch show.

It was a night where our hard work, dreams, and ambitions materialised into a musical celebration that we'll cherish forever. The venue was buzzing with excitement, filled with fans, friends, and family, all gathered to support and share in the joy of our latest creation.

The energy was infectious from the first note of our opening song to the last reverberating chord of the evening. Performing tracks from "Animal" live was a thrilling experience.

Each song tells a story, reflecting our journey, struggles, and triumphs, and to see our audience's reaction—to witness them connect with the music on such a personal level—was deeply moving!

As the night came to a close, we were left with a sense of gratitude and excitement for the future. "Animal" marks a new chapter for us, and last night was just the beginning. Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate with us, for your support, enthusiasm, and for being part of our musical family.

Here's to the next adventure—we can't wait to see where this wild journey takes us next.

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